Tuesday, January 10, 2006

madly lobbing panties

Track list:

1. Portico - shape to form - good ladies go to good graves

Comments: I enjoy this. The woman's voice is very yeah yeah yeahs, and I like that. Jonelle says, not bad, good background music, but she wouldn't throw her panties. That's a shame.

2. Twin Fangs - street sweeper - more can go wrong

Comments: angsty title, angsty song. No wait! Sudden excitement! AAAAH! It's like that vestibules grunge song. Jonelle says it's 'zippy'. She's liking it.

3. Mr. Something Something - the edge - sound the alarm

Comments: sort of brassy/ska-esque. They're obviously hipsters, but we'll try to see past that.

4. The Constantines - tournament of hearts - hotline operator

Comments: it's building slowly. First it's just drums and voice, now there's a guitar too, oh suddenly the guitar and voice are gone... hmm, pretentiously delicious. I like the yelling part too. Also, I don't think hotline operators have enough heartfelt anthems to choose from, so this is good. Telephone professionals are much maligned, and they need more props. And they would get more props too, if they'd suck less and stop calling me at home.

5. Fun 100 - hit it & quit - computer

Comments: conventional 80s revival. It's fine. I think the lyrics are a bit violent, oh wait, this bit sounds like moist. hmm. I feel high school flooding back at me. Gotta go.

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lexus said...

I was talking to mum about the Vestibules last night. I was trying to explain System of a Down to her and why they sucked so badly.