Tuesday, November 22, 2005

holy microphone, batman!

Le Playlist:

1. Holy Microphone - Goodbye Television Girl - Sally's On Fire

Comments: love it. The album cover is delightful also. It's refreshingly catchy and not at all sad-bastardish. They're from Toronto, which is unfortunate, but they're good, so we'll try to ignore it.

2. Turn Me On Dead Man - god bless the electric freak - Apocalypse Rock

Comments: It does sound electric. Is this what the apocalypse is going to sound like? It might not scare me so bad if it does, because there's really nothing so shocking about this. Actually it's a bit generic. I may not notice the apocalypse. Well, maybe the immolation part, I might notice that.

3. Fatal If Swallowed - cfur is the new pink (compilation) - Wrongly Motivated

Comments: They're Prince George's Rancid ripoff. If you can picture that in your miracle ear, you're there. Who can blame them really, they're trapped under several feet of snow. Poor kids. Gotta do something to stay busy.

4. The Dropouts - After School Specials - Sucker Punch

Comments: we were liking this until the girl started singing. I hate to be uncharitable, but I think she might have been chosen more for her looks than for her vocal talents. Although her vocals might be great for, uh, L7 maybe. Whereas the backing band sounds like the B52s. Maybe you'll like it, but we're only so-so. The song is great, but the singing grates a bit.

5. Ron Sexsmith - cobblestone runway - Gold in them Hills

Comments: Jonelle is going to punch me now, because this is my pick, and I'm a suck. Oh Ron, I heart U. Ow!

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