Tuesday, November 29, 2005

chicken critical

Catch of the day:

1. The Teeth - carry the wood - mercy mercy pudding pie

Comments: 10 minutes! Yesssss. Wow, this has some cool country style sounds to it. It's so bizarre, we love it. It's sort of the whiner's lament. Which might be a bit redundant, but whatever. It's actually a bit drunken, so that's nice too. Sort of a 'why won't anyone call me, I'm such a loser' vibe, and who can't relate to that. Well, you know who those people are, and let's face it, it's easier to just avoid contact with them. So damn optimistic all the time. Annoying. I also cite the Kinks as an inspiration for this band. Bigtime.

2. Beef Terminal - anger do not enter - no robbers no kidnappers no fires no floods

Comments: Ahh, hipsters. Does it mean airports, some sort of cow airport, or is it about dying cattle? Or that the meat will kill you? The mystery is killing me. Seriously, is this completely instrumental? It's certainly very sad. I bet they're from Toronto and have rich parents and very little reason to be sad. But some of the saddest people are people who are sad because they aren't sad enough. They're called 'artists', and every once in a while you meet one, up here, at the university. Aww. That was insulting.

3. The Subliminator - recalibrated - forbidden fruit

Comments: I know what you're thinking. What the cornpone is this? Shut up, it's brilliant. You have now been indoctrinated into a cult. It's the cult of poor audio editing skills, which isn't exactly prolific, but it consists of a ridiculously huge and diverse brotherhood. my brain! my brain! i'm not accustomed to the pain!

4. Controller Controller - x-amounts - poison/safe

Comments: woo hoo, I like this song. Jonelle likes it too. It's not about venus, I hear some musical tones I recognize but not in an overly formulaic way, nobody seems overly sad. In fact, it's girls acting tough. I love songs with tough-guy posturing, especially when it's women striking the pose. It's sort of a Nancy Sinatra, these boots are made for walking thing, but for the now. More overtly angry, which is fine.

All done. Slap. Slap. Time to go home.

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