Tuesday, November 08, 2005

squeak squeak squeak


1. Skippy and the Bellbottoms - What Happened to Turn Signals? - Life looks better in the fall.

Comments: this song is proof that all it takes to get played on our show is a completely random name/album name/song title. Any of the three is good, but in combination, it's inevitable - we'll play your song just so that we can say it on the air. I like this song, it's conventionally sad-bastard-ish. Haaaaarmonica. Jonelle is relaxed by it, which is good, because ten minutes ago she was a flaming ball of rage. Rage!

2. Evil Doers - welcome to the show - psychopath

Comments: considering the title/band name, this band sounds way too friendly. Jonelle says the only evil thing is that the song is only 2 minutes long. That is evil! Otherwise, she likes it. I'm kinda iffy. It's not bad.

3. Mr. Something Something - the edge - sound the alarm

Comments: they're ska! they're arty! They're arthouseska. And somebody just had a bad breakup, possibly. Maybe not. Anyway, trumpets, so that's alright. Panflute, too!

4. The Unireverse - plays the music - tomorrow never knows

Comments: I think the songwriting is sub-par. The lyrics are a bit stale. But otherwise, it's pure genius.

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