Tuesday, November 15, 2005

nashville princess

Track list:

1. Ashley MacIsaac - Pride - Bitch

Comments: pack it up and go home, Ashley. That's what I think. Unless you're going to express 'bitch' through fiddle, which clearly you aren't. Jerk. Pure curiosity led me to pick this song. Pure crap, is all I can say.

2. Princess - Princess - Ra Ra

Comments: wow, I love it! The waves, the malfunctioning mixer, the man singing as though he's being stepped on. Princess, you win the prize for most bizarre song of the evening so far.

3. Nashville Pussy - Get Some - Meaner than my Mama

Comments: playing this song led to a long discussion about getting whacked in the head with a boob, and whether it's worse if it's your own boob or someone else's. I think my own, but Jonelle's not so sure. Thankfully, Nashville Pussy is no longer on tour in our area, so I probably won't have to decide anytime soon.

4. Bronx Cheerleader - Tough Guy Cliches - Crap Shooter's Blues in 'A'

Comments: sad, but sounds like it could be played in an italian restaurant at the same time. Crooning men. If you like that sort of thing, give it a go.

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Anonymous said...

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