Tuesday, July 31, 2007

countdown to holidays

I'm going to jump in a lake, and be covered with leeches! Back in the middle ages it would have been for my health. Not so much this time. But if it helps, I'm willing to pretend to be Guinevere for an afternoon.

Download this week's show. It's slightly less illegal than what you're usually doing on the internet. Part 1 Part 2

Track list:

1. The Reckless Sweethearts - the reckless sweethearts - open road

Comments: Very heartfelt and soothingly country. I like country! Sometimes. That nu-stuff not so much. But this sort of thing I can appreciate.

2. Roland Blinn - daily - track 5

Comments: This week's installment of 'mystery roland roulette'. And the verdict: more carnival music from Roland, this time with a childhood innocence I'm really enjoying. So delightfully wacky!

3. Kids on TV - mixing business with pleasure - breakdance hunx (psbeuys pnp remix featuring boy george)

Comments: Real Boy George? Or fake? Or some sort of culture club edit? I can't really tell. But it got my attention, so kids, you win. This is so much rapid clicking I don't think I could possibly dance to it without extensive training first. I like the spoken word portion. The soulful bass-y noises are also pleasing.

4. Skull Time - skull time - sexy fancy

Comments: Honestly, is it even worth asking why I would choose this song? Come on, sexy and fancy. This is fun and kind of awesome. I love how many left-turns I'm making today, as far as mood goes. Keeping you on your toes since 1999!

5. Love and Mathematics - love and mathematics - copper coin bikini

Comments: How could I resist a song about a bikini, right before holidays? This is a lovely song with just enough angst. It's a tribute to my own bikini, which sits neglected in a drawer, never to see the light of day. How I managed to spend so much money on two scraps of fabric that I'll never wear I do not know.

6. Carbon Dating Service - polyentendrii - light up the synchrotron

Comments: Soothing songs about science. With trumpets! This sounds very cooperative, and I like a band that doesn't sound hostile to people singing along (it's an impulse I have trouble controlling).

7. Mice Parade - mice parade - satchelaise

Comments: Cool inventive time-signature, or something. Many layers, including piano. I know some artsy types who would love this. I like it too. It's crazy dramatic! If there's anything I enjoy, it's being violently swept off my feet in a wave of emotion. As long as Tom Hanks isn't trying to do it. That no longer works.

8. Monotract - trueno oscuro - under my arm

Comments: Creepy, like a twilight zone soundtrack! I'm nervous, and pretty sure the aliens are on their way.

9. Lucid 44 - ...and God gave me legs... - untitled track 1

Comments: Slow to start. Mellow and spooky. There's an echo in here for sure.

10. Volcanoless in Canada - in tune Saskatchewan 2007 - she moves

Comments: I've played them before and I'll play them again. I hope they become megastars. Saskatchewan, you're adorable, and so are your musicians (it's inevitable).

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