Tuesday, July 03, 2007

somebody's worst birthday ever

Somewhere in the world, it is someone's very worst birthday of all time. Can I take comfort in that? Well, maybe. Maybe things are looking up from now on! Hey kid, your seventh is always rough. Eight is a piece of cake in comparison. Chin up soldier!

Track list:

1. Wafer Thin Mints - the finest car they ever built in 1983 - hot chevette

Comments: A cute countryfied piece about buying a hatchback in Calgary. Very nice. You're all being added to my Christmas card list.

2. People for Audio - the new ancients - black memory white whale

Comments: Soothe me, People. Aaah. This is the mellow part of the show, where you reflect on your life and all of the novels you have never completed. Cough.

3. Tranzmitors - tranzmitors - why don't boys cry

Comments: I love this happy poppy song with its lo-fi guitar, and I love that it's asking the question I long to ask! And now a brief discussion of my secret fantasy, which is that boys cry alone, when no one can see them do it. They are compelled, by the weight of their everyday stoicism. Sigh.

4. Lymbyc Systym - love your abuser - love your abuser

Comments: Sweet quasi-electronic instrumental stuff, at a nice relaxed pace. For playing while you are floating through space toward monoliths. And the bells! So pretty. But not lame or anything. Just pleasant.

5. Bill Callahan - woke on a whaleheart - a man needs a woman or a man to be a man

Comments: The country music of yesteryear, lightheartedly updated to reflect the themes of today. Sigh. I just feel good right now. Lollipops for everyone!

6. Miracle Fortress - five roses - beach baby

Comments: Soothing, sparing with the singing. Minimalist in its vocal stylings, if you will. I like that funny wibbly synth effect that sounds like it's coming from the sky. Eep!

7. Grandfather Fire and The Holy Morning - gf and the hm - it's gonna blow, cokato

Comments: Now that I type it out, it looks a whole lot like some sort of hideous branded potato. This is one of those songs with that eerie thing going on where it might exploed at any second and melt your face off, but you're just not sure. It's building momentum, almost imperceptibly.

8. Sterling - cursed - eyes

Comments: I think I like that same Yes album that you like.

9. Wolfgang - the wicked truth about loving a man - master of the music

Comments: holy BEATS! My favourite thing is that I'm playing this techno 80s massacre right before the folk show. Oh sweet victory over traditional notions of format. This is the icing on my radio cake!

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