Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bending my genre

Probably bending it in unhealthy ways, ways in which it was not meant to be bent, which I will feel like musical arthritis in my old age. But heck, you're only young once.

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Track list:

1. The Reasonable Men - the reasonable men - undersold

Comments: They can't say no, and neither can I. I like the plaintive quality.

2. Joan Armatrading - into the blues - my baby's gone

Comments: Joan is so hardcore. She has artistic integrity pouring out of her socks when she's not even paying attention. Nothing will stop this lady. Bonus: look how much fun she's obviously having.

3. Jliat - now that's what I call noise vol. 1 - mystery track 3

Comments: ow ow ow. Proficient in noise. Some "wisdom" on this from wikinerdia.

4. Roland Blinn - de - mystery track 11

Comments: Like if the carnival went horribly wrong, in a sad burnt-out problem-drinking kind of way. The definition of 'maudlin'. But good!

5. Tim Gilbertson - tim gilbertson - long walk

Comments: I like this piece of summery delight. The happy guitar trills perfectly compliment the smooth descending vocal lines. Plus I enjoy the occasional long walk. Gives me time to think about things before I do them (which saves molto embarrassment, I don't mind saying). Tim, good job on this one, you could rent yourself out to the very wealthy as a personal balladeer. Seriously, let me know if you need help with the business plan.

6. Illfit Outfit - proudly resenting illfit outfit - pink bathwater

Comments: Girl drummer, woot! Jenni the girl drummer, I would like to apologize for my previous mistake. So anyway. This is an excellent song. I want to hop up and down. Sadly, I'd probably just rip out an important cable with my clumsy feet. I'm settling for head-and-shoulder bops in my chair.

7. Carolyn Mark - nothing is free - pink moon and all the ladies

Comments: So, so pretty. With casual swearing. You know what else is so, so pretty? Cartoon Carolyn. Like lovely bobble-headed Dita Von Teese. And about to be attacked by a badger! Exciting and gorgeous, all at once.

8. Jon-Rae and the River - knows what you need - eastern migration

Comments: The growling frustration I was hoping it would be. Mmm. Especially for everyone I know who is pondering the trek out to their hometown (necessarily back east) this summer, to visit their parents. Listen to Jon-Rae! It's a bad idea! Don't leave me here alone! Desperate clenching will ensue!

9. The Blow - poor aim: love songs - come on petunia

Comments: Get it, like Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter! Crap, I'm such a nerd. This is a nice low-key funky little song though. I like it. And I love that she's re-imagining Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. It's my least favourite Police song, but now I'm kind of starting to like it.

10. The Great Outdoors - food booze and entertainment - a short dissertation on post traveling blues

Comments: Holy song title guys, it almost didn't fit on the internet. Crazy. I like the gentle combination of strumming and whiny fiddle. Siiiigh.

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