Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's a very hot day, I'm on the mountain, in the rarefied air (but only just), consuming "post-punk" etc. I think it's possible to be too relaxed. But what am I gonna do?

Track list:

1. They Shoot Horses Don't They - pick up sticks - that's a good question

Comments: The changing tempos might make me feel panicked, on a regular day. But not in a bad way. More in a 'dance contest, final round!' kind of way. Is that a clarinet I hear? This is extremely fun.

2. The Julius Airwave - the city the forest - shipwreck

Comments: Iiiiiiii like it. Gosh I'm relaxed. This is sweetly sung happy pop music over restrained organ. Aaah.

3. The Neins Circa - sleeves and wigs - welcome home, eugene choo

Comments: Hilarity, right near my house.

4. Parts & Labor - mapmaker - the gold we're digging

Comments: A slightly darker mood now, but delicious nonetheless.

5. Great Plains - home of the new totem - unnatural

Comments: This has that 'driving' quality to it. The same quality Space Truckin' has, but in an optimistic indie-pop from Nova Scotia kind of way. I would like to go east one day and just hug every maritimer. Is that creepy?

6. Carbon Dating Service - polyentendril - another you

Comments: Very pretty, and with an imaginative combination of instruments that includes... the xylophone? I don't know, I'm no musicologist. I like how this is slow and gentle, and seems to come in (radio-host-heart-stopping) waves. Is it over now? Argh! Now? Arrrgh! But then it just relaxes you all over again. So in the end it's okay. For YOU.

7. Greenness - howard hello/greenness split cd - the 1994 two-piece rump shake

Comments: Experimental! I don't hear any similarities with Bobby Brown. But I don't care either, since that guy was kind of a hack in bike shorts. These people obviously have vision!

8. Ford Pier - organ farming - you don't want to know what I'm into

Comments: I have a feeling Ford is trying to creep me out. Is that true, Ford? Well, the organ farming thing, for a start. Anyway, I like the harmonica. Plus it's a bit dramatic, and I love drama.

9. The Hits - hello everybody we are the hits - sand in my shoes

Comments: Summer-appropriate punk! Lovely. It's so comfortingly old-school. The leather jackets covered in zippers are like valium teddy bears to me. In that they are soothing and provide a feeling of safety. But punk!

10. Imaginations Treetrunk - branching out - ol' lady love songs

Comments: you never can get enough of the magic of that title.

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