Tuesday, August 14, 2007

preoccupied with outdoor activities

There is a subconscious 'fire' theme going on tonight. Might not be my fault though - most of these guys are feeling things pretty deeply, which makes them think about being 'consumed' by emotion, which, naturally, leads to the fire metaphor. Ring of Fire, Hunk o' Burnin' Love, etc. etc. It's no accident.

Update: Show audio mysteriously absent this week! Aww nuts. I'm a bit down about it too, because I think this week's show kicked about half an ass. Not bad. But since you can't hear it anymore, I'm free to lie. It was spectacular! Obliterated all traditional forms of broadcasting in one fell swoop with its excellence! Ronnie Radio is dead and buried!

Track list:

1. The Mohawk Lodge - wildfires - wildfires

Comments: Nearly seven minutes of amazing. I already knew I love these guys, but now I know it in a much more immediate way. Soon to result in obnoxious proselytizing and alienation from family and friends! TML, you are my L. Ron Hubbard.

2. Roland Blinn - the official - untitled track 8

Comments: ummm... experimental! Actually it sounds like a remix of a bunch of balloon-animal noises. Roland is always providing something different. Every time.

3. Immaculate Machine - immaculate machine's fables - old flame

Comments: Starts out sounding dour, and then throws in a very petshopboysesque beat. I love dancing while miserable!

4. Rockpile - seconds of pleasure - teacher teacher

Comments: Nick Lowe will play Vancouver on October 10th! He is a genius! I will be there, listening reverently and loving every moment. He won't play this, but it's still effin great.

5. Nick Lowe - pinker and prouder than previous - big hair

Comments: Some solo work. Fantastically good. He won't play this either.

6. Nick Lowe - the impossible bird - where's my everything

Comments: He's much more introspective in 1994. More of a song about legacy than anything, which is an old man's reflection. But I'm all over it anyway. So pretty. He might play this. And I might sigh distractingly throughout.

7. The Doers - gaiety - party's in the kitchen

Comments: This song doesn't have time to turn to gumbo, it's too peppy and fun. I'm enjoying it almost excessively.

8. Language Arts - language arts - family tree

Comments: Kinda funky, almost ladyrap. I'm doing the white girl headbang in my chair.

9. Transylvanian Polka - transylvanian polka - dance with the geeks

Comments: Delicious wackiness. The name of this band was decided upon after much analysis and deliberation, and was probably approved by a panel of academics and/or experts. It's that accurate.

10. John Vanderslice - emerald city - tablespoon of codeine

Comments: John, let's hang out. I like codeine too. Call me.

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