Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today is not my favourite day. But why should I mess you up too by telling you about it? OH BLOG. Shut up blog.

Your sporadically scheduled download is especially sporadic today.

Track list:

1. Ghost House - these are ghost house - we run of chorus

Comments: Happy and with a delightfully uneven tempo. Like falling down stairs with a drum kit. But better organized. I like this. I need a drink. Those two things aren't related though.

2. Trembling - pulses in the dark - silent fanfare

Comments: This is nice. I've heard that local cds get stolen from the station faster than anything else, so it's a good thing I'm playing this song today. I hope you guys make it to next week, trembling, but I'm not making any guarantees. There are some very sticky-fingered types around here. I guess it's a compliment, but it's about as backhanded as they come.

3. The Doers - gaiety - hey there, hoser

Comments: I'm counting on this cheery band to cheer me up a bit. Mission accomplished! Even if he seems to be a bit of an emo-hoser. Wait, have I miscalculated here? Aw, it'll be fine. Just huddle and rock.

4. Esther Galil - z-land - z-land

Comments: For you, my beloved French friends. How I adore you. And how I adore Esther! She's so bitchin'.

5. Great Plains - home of the new totem - halogen

Comments: This is very earnest, and it's hard to be cheeky about it. Dammit!

6. The Reasonable Men - the reasonable men - undersold

Comments: I gravitate back to this disc because it is good. Is that so wrong?

7. The Grim Beat - isle of man - the red light

Comments: This band gives me hope that I too could be the lead singer of my own fun/awesome pop outfit! Aw who am I kidding, I love lead singers who can't actually sing. They have been the foundation of my happiness for as long as I can remember.

an aisle of lady

8. Percy Farm - the end's in the beginning - sarah got her freedom

Comments: Delightful. I love the guitar bit that comes in with a minute to go.

9. Sleepless Nights - sleepless nights - godspeed you deathwolf

Comments: Nonsensically, NOT norwegian death metal. Dude, I don't want to move to Toronto either!! I so GET this song. Fantastic.

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