Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The internet, she is broke

I can complain about the internet in a funny Italian accent because of my heritage! It is not offensive because my dad was born there! Woodstove-loving grape-squashers!
Anyway, the internet was broken yesterday, so I'm putting this list together today. And since I'm not spontaneously reviewing the songs as I go, I'm going to instead attempt to attach pictures that accurately represent my mood as it relates to the songs. Some explanation may be necessary. Here we go.

Track list:

1. John Vanderslice - the emerald city - kookaburra

Short, hammy, happy yet introspective, able to commune with the animals.

2. The Cave Singers - invitation songs - seeds of night

For some reason, when you google image search "eccentric genius" you get... buttwings. I guess everyone's definition is different.

3. The Details - draw a distance, draw a border - a national anthem

I am extremely conflicted about this Cuomo guy. Over time I expect it to turn to the raw hatred that can only be born of betrayal, at which point I guess I'll have to change the photo.

4. Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees - wanna be your friend: a tribute to the Inbreds - amelia earhart

In this photo we have true love and raw power, battling for supremacy. True love will win out in the end.

5. Nick Lowe - at my age - I trained her to love me

Here is a dude (?) who is thinking wistfully, possibly of olden
times. But this hat is nice, he thinks, and the toilets now are undeniably better. Perhaps it is wiser and more satisfying to appreciate what we have now (plus ca change, and all that).

6. The Sadies - new seasons - yours to discover

Don Quixote, like me, is on an epic quest. We are both terribly dim, well meaning, and never going to achieve our ends. I'm trying to get a handle on the sprawling Sadies catalogue, whereas he's attempting to impress chicks while hallucinating. Only slightly more difficult, believe it or not.

7. The Luyas - faker death - cats in a bag

This cat likes this song very much. But he's currently a bit preoccupied by our society's overindulgence in collectibles. When will the crap-madness stop!

8. Legion of green men - baqontraq - dubbaq

Smash the system, yeaarrgh! There's a folk show on after me, so this is good for contrast. And also for system smashing hiiiiii-yah! And now I must take a nap.

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