Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Horrifying radio

Well, I don't advertise any different. No refunds!

Track list:

1. Transylvanian Polka - transylvanian polka - 13th night

Comments: Apparently the last show played these guys too. We will make you famous, TP!

2. Ruth Minnikin & Her Bandwagon - various: wanna be your friend: a tribute to the inbreds - she's acting

Comments: I'm in love with this album. I want to have its little babies, excpet I've heard it's illegal.

3. Sunset Rubdown - random spirit lover - the mending of the gown

Comments: Oooooh good. Driving pop kicks my ass in seven directions.

4. Ira Lee and Critical Mass - die. - alberta's trying to kill me

Comments: The province of Alberta is trying to kill him! I agree, Alberta freaks me out. Perhaps I should dress as Alberta for Halloween? This song, though it has many offensive words, has a socially conscious message attached and also pretty much rocks the party.

5. Parlour Steps - ambiguoso - gargoyles passion

Comments: Good good introspection, and howling! Nicely done.

6. Share - pedes trian - dance dance retribution

Comments: HA! I can't resist the occasional video game joke. This is delightfully offbeat.

7. Bitter:Sweet - the remix game - bittersweet faith (thievery corporation remix)

Comments: Very funky, and yet so smooth, I think I just buttered myself.

8. Wax Mannequin - various: cbc radio 3 breaking new sound tour compilation - you and all your friends

Comments: Wax Mannequin send me regular emails, letting me know what's up with them. I appreciate it. Thanks, WM! You guys sound charmingly upbeat. Either that or you're bitter angry types who are also academy-worthy actors. Either way you have my respect.

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