Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Shows - October is concert month (unofficially). I'm going to see at least four shows this month, which is at least four more than I have seen in the last six months. Oh, I never go anywhere. It's about to get socialized!

Track list:

1. Hrsta - ghosts will come and kiss our eyes - beau village

Comments: dude owns a proper Thom Yorke voice, which I'm sure he hears constantly and hates. I'm sorry about that, I'm constantly saying these things and then having to apologize. You would think I'd learn, but you'd be wrong. Anyway, I love it, own your pretty voice!

2. The Weakerthans - reunion tour - tournament of hearts

Comments: If you can catch all of the curling references, then you win my affection. And possibly some curling trophies, you must be a professional.

3. Nick Lowe - at my age - join the club

Comments: Continuously great. I love misery! I would like to formally note that this is basically the tijuana brass and elvis version of "just ask the lonely". Who knew such a thing was possible?

4. The Sadies - new seasons - the trial

Comments: Neko Case said they're the best live show ever, and she don't lie.

5. B.A. Johnston - various: cbc radio 3 breaking new sound tour compilation - deep fryer in my bedroom

Comments: If the carnival went to Alabama. Uh, what? I really just love this crazy crap. Be aware: language warning. Hear it on his myspace if that interests you (and it should). "Is it wrong? NO!"

6. Octoberman - run from safety - elbow room

Comments: Hey Marc, what's shakin? I like this, it's plinky and nice. This is definite walkin' home in a funk after a bad day at work music. Thank you for meeting my personal music needs.

7. The Deep Dark Woods - hang me oh hang me - shores of alabama

Comments: Radio stations demystified, part #85693 - The DDW sent two copies of this record to Ed, the music troll. He kept one for our library, which I am now playing for you (while typing this, anyway). The other happened to fall into my filthy little paws, totally unscathed by magic marker, and it now lives at my house. Or I lent it to my large paramour, I'm not sure. Anyway, it's mine, and it's damn good. Thank you for your unknowing donation, DDW! If you're playing a show anytime soon, I should come see you, just to pay you back, even the score, as it were. I'll have to do that. Okay, it's a date.
The closest I'm getting is my birthday in Banff. Dammit!
UPDATE: Luke, the skinsman for the band (okay drummer, but that sounds so much less dirty) says they'll be at the Railway Club, probably, sometime in late January. Hey, I think I just made a semi-exclusive concert announcement! Awesome.

8. Donovan Woods - the hold up - my cousin has a grey cup ring

Comments: awww yeah. I love the CFL. No lie. I could make a similar comment here to the one I made during song #1 with reference to Donovan and a dude called Sufjan, but again, I think there's no shame in that. Sufjan has a beautiful voice, and he's never going to venture into this awesome football territory.
To your right you will see an Argos ring, because Donovan is from Toronto - and because it's so sparkly. What other options do old men with a love of bedazzlement have? Sigh.

9. Bend Sinister - bend sinister - tv war

Comments: Somebody in the studio just said "eye of the tiger", but I think it's flattery rather than mocking. This is damned fun, that's all. And "she don't like" songs rule, in general.

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