Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Seafood buffet

I don't know what to tell you. I'm conflicted about my vegetarianism! And yet I'm wearing a leather jacket. But it's second-hand! Aw hell.

Track list:

1. Baby Eagle - no blues - rainwater blues

Comments: lamenting and lovely.

2. The Bloggers - the bloggers - last pay

Comments: unabashedly weird and therefore great.

3. Low In The Sky - we are all counting on you, william - the pursuit of the giant squid

Comments: Yeah, William. Don't let us down. Yeesh. This is serene and pretty, and makes me love squid even more than I already do.

4. Tunturia - our world is yours - cast shadows on clouds

Comments: The prettiest soundtrack music I have heard in weeks. I must be feeling vulnerable, because I'm even unironically enjoying the 'kids talking' sfx. Some of my filters must be on the fritz.

5. Portico - progeny blues - all you daughters

Comments: More lamenting pretty music. I swear, it's like you could map my psyche by the music I play each week. But don't! I don't need that. Use your skills for something worthwhile. Map your backyard, or something.

6. The Sadies - new seasons - my heart of wood

Comments: Oh, they were so good! SO GOOD. It was like stupid human tricks with guitars. Fabulous.

7. Tim Gilbertson - tim gilbertson - long walk

Comments: I'm always glad when it's been a few weeks since I played this song, because it means I can play it again. It's very charming.

8. Element Kuuda - le village - le ruisseau

Comments: The internet must make the French absolutely nuts, because you can't put any accents on anything. I know it makes me just about claw my own face off in frustration, so I can't imagine what a French internet cafe would look like. Miserable, purple-faced people with tension headaches, frantically drinking straight out of wine bottles to take the edge off. How awful.
You know what else might make me drink heavily? If this song refuses to kick in for a whole four and a half minutes. Still, an excuse to dull the pain is still an excuse, so I'm willing to go with it.

9. The Reasonable Men - the reasonable men - the gap in my teeth

Comments: strummy and scrummy. Is that just a made-up word? Is it only me and my granma that use that word? Probably.

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