Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A celebration of coldness!

My sweaters welcome me back into their, uh, sweaty embrace. It is Autumn! Bring on the woolly hats!

Something you should read: The tears of Burt Reynolds.

Track list:

1. Winter Mitts - the cascadia fault - din din

Comments: The guitar work is both haunting and masterful. My only complaint - less finger mobility than gloves. But the finger warmth! It is worth the sacrifice.

2. Lightning Dust - lightning dust - take me back

Comments: Charmingly dour. I feel... contemplative.

3. The Ease Down - shapeshifter - into the air

Comments: Like lounge music for the intelligent, which may sound impossible to you, but that is because you are... a lounge music bigot! Jackass! (Actually, I may have betrayed my own prejudices too, but tell noone, particularly not Mr. Wayne Newton, as I think he could have me killed.)

4. Caribou - andorra - after hours

Comments: I like it, but I suspect alot of those horrible indie snob kids do too. I will now transcribe the guitar part in this song: Wing-ing-ing-inggggggg.... Wing-ing-ing-inggggggg..... I believe I have just taken this whole 'weird for the sake of weird' thing too far. Oh well, onward and upward!

5. Torngat - you could be - mouton noir

Comments: Played for its incredibly miniscule French content, aka the title. But I stuck with it for the intermittent percussion and horns! A delight! A++++ WOULD ENJOY LISTENING TO AGAIN!!1!

6. Oakley Hall - I'll follow you - all the way down

Comments: If Lynyrd Skynyyryd were able to come up with a song like this right now, they'd be even more in love with themselves. I think you appreciate the magnitude of what I'm saying here.

7. The Ghost is Dancing - the darkest spark - wall of snow

Comments: Here comes that weather-related music again... dooo doot-doot dooooo doot doo doo. This is an extremely optimistic and danceable look at a wall of snow, I have to say. They're havin' a laser party behind the wall of snow, woooooooop!

8. Mice Parade - mice parade - snow

Comments: appropriately gloomy. Somebody got a ski-pole in the face as a child.

9. Shapes and Sizes - split lips, winning hips, a shiner - the taste in my mouth

Comments: Delicate and lovely, with voices like a horn section. Also an actual horn section. And a banjo, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing (sickos).

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