Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Emily and the Bad Decisions

It could be a book title, but it ain't. It's a potential band name! Want to join? Me neither. Sigh.

Track list:

1. Jon-Rae & The River - knows what you need - roll

Comments: I like the "I'm sick of you, my band is awesome, we're going on the road, BYE!" thing that is going on in this song, but I bet in real life it's quite tiresome. The song version is nothin' but great, however.

2. James McKenty and the Spades - let it grow - snub harbour falcons

Comments: Aaaaah, Canadian spelling.

3. Laura Peek and the Winning Hearts - from the photographs - where is the chorus

Comments: So lovely, with its irregular tempo and quirky feel. It makes me want to cast everyone around me in a spontaneous Miranda July film. And then eat pie! More on that later.

4. Petunia and the Loons - pentunia and the loons - hillbilly hut

Comments: Very morose - what horrible things happened to you in the hillbilly hut, dude who sounds nothing like a Petunia? Deliciously morose. Now I want to cast everyone around me in a Cohen Brothers film, and then eat corn on a stick. Oh, and it has a surprise hoedown ending! This rules.

5. Grandfather Fire and the Holy Morning - grandfather fire and the holy morning - wicked walls

Comments: Could be the title of a horror movie. "Wicked Walls: DO go outside..." I don't know, actually that sounds horribly lame. I like this song though, which has some urgency to it and yet also some lovely guitar layering.

Okay, enough with the "blank and the blanks" bands.

6. Carolyn Mark - nothing is free - pink moon and all the ladies

Comments: Need it be said? Carolyn is fundamentally awesome.

7. Stewart Coupland with Adam Ant - 'out of bounds' original motion picture soundtrack - out of bounds

Comments: Oh, I found it at random, and I find AntMicHall kind of irresistible, teenage trainwreck that he was. Also, Stewart Coupland? Think he pulls this out of his back pocket when he plays intimate club dates as a solo act? Yeah, well, it's a shame.

8. Sean Na Na - family trees or cope we must - hairspray

Comments: The musical would have been better if they had included this little number. Seriously guys, it needed an introspective moment or two. And a hefty editing job, but meh.

9. Carbon Dating Service - polyentendrii - sea moose

Comments: Ooh, I don't think I've played this song before, it's mega pretty. That is an EU-approved measurement.

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