Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gratitude! Bow chicka wow yeowww...

Tonight, all songs by people who have contacted me (or something) in the past year. It's payback time, suckas.

Track list:

1. Goodnight, Streetlight - arithmetic with tigers - overswanned

Comments: sweepingly beautiful. I want to direct a film just so I can use this during an extensive montage of pensiveness.

2. Brown Recluse Sings - black sunday - margo, left in bed

Comments: The name Margo is kind of hilarious. I'm glad you thought to use it in a song, BRS, because I don't think it's the automatic choice. This song could change that though - highly catchy.

3. Illfit Outfit - proudly resenting - thee & me

Comments: I played the hell out of this record this year, so this was more a case of being 'beaten into submission' than choosing to get in touch with me just for fun, probably.

4. The Choir Practice - red fox

Comments: A stunning example of choral sensibilities taken to new pop-heights by an experienced hand. Enthusiasm to burn! (I hope I did better this time.)

5. Anomie - distant memory & the safe places - american architecture

Comments: This goes out (with kisses) to YOU, anonymous. Well, better late than never, right? I'm really beginning to wish I was a filmmaker, or at least a soundtrack-ist(?) a-la T-Bone Burnett. I could rock that job so hard.

6. Lions and Tigers and Bears - louder than your shirt - from far and wide

Comments: This is danceable and fun, but sounds exHAUsting to play. How do you keep up with that guitar? This would tax even the most professional Guitar Hero, I would think. You should talk to the playstation people about that, guys.

7. The Deep Dark Woods - s/t - vancouver

Comments: Wow, this is mournful and pretty. This is in fact exactly how the city feels right now, especially after work when it's dark and you have to take the bus to your empty apartment, and even the cat's not that interested. I could totally faceplant onto the couch while this is playing. Sob!

8. The Square Waves - s/t - dreams kept on machine

Comments: Dance like your girlfriend doesn't understand you! What? I'm kidding. But somehow this is a lament that still makes me want to flash the lights on and off, you know what I mean? I kind of love it.

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