Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Alcohol and memories, and the relationship between the two

If there is a relationship, I've conveniently forgotten about it.

Track list:

1. The Cuds - the taste of crow - drinkin your mem'ry away

Comments: This is beautiful and contains deep longing. I don't think it's particularly smart to drink until you have general amnesia, but hey, sometimes the pain gets pretty intense, am I right? At that point, what does smart have to do with it?

2. Hot Springs - volcano - fantome dinosaure

Comments: Oh, I love it so much. It's super catchy and great, and gently massages my french bone. Uh, yeah.

3. Jale - closed ep - nine years now

Comments: Beautifully 1995. Why didn't I listen to this when I was 14, instead of the white album? Maybe I could have alternated, it wouldn't have hurt.

4. The Sadies - new seasons - yours to discover

Comments: Mike Belitsky, drummer for the Sadies, briefly drummed/sang for Jale. Also for:

5. The Vees - v ep - denied

Comments: Mike, with the singing! And the chorus girls? This is not what I would have expected.

6. The Paperbacks - an illusion against death - rattled by failure

Comments: You're not rattled by it? How did that happen? I'd love to know how you achieved that. You seem very pleasantly boppy about it, at any rate.

7. Sunset Rubdown - random spirit lover - the mending of the gown

Comments: I love the tinkly guitar, followed by bells, followed by plinky piano. They're drawing clever musical parallels, and I'm liking it. Clearly my generation, all of whom were forced to learn Royal Conservatory piano, are finally poised to dominate the music industry.

8. Better Friends than Lovers - great loves - sailor

Comments: I'm just going to get the obligatory bad joke out of the way: hellooooooo sailor! This is more of a goodbye sailor, you cad. I'm miserable! Don't get scurvy! If you decide to come back I'll totally be here! Oh, shoot.

9. Bella - no one will know - give it a night

Comments: Two ambiguously persuasive phrases back to back, very nicely done. We will speak more about this form of speech at a later date. This is what I would call a driving song, in that it would sound good on the freeway.

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