Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thinkin' about girls.

More specifically, today I have been thinking about lady issues, and mostly to do with equality and such. Notice how non-committal I'm being? Oh, I'm at odds with myself alright. But there are just so many important issues. Like, why are the ladies as consistently convincing rock-posturers as the men? The men seem to get more cred dressing up as ladies than the actual girls do. I think this is the result of some bogus construct that causes us to be defeated before we begin. Also, guitars are long and skinny, fundamentally. I didn't need to see Prince on the Superbowl to figure that out. He was great, though.

Track list:

1. Justine Electra - soft rock - fancy robots

Comments: Very slick production value. I like anything with robots in the title.

2. The Choir Practice - the choir practice - things I say

Comments: Ladies! Nice. I feel better, and possibly ready for a religious revival and/or nap. Can you have both at once?

3. The Mudlarks - various: innocence is bliss - gimmie some

Comments: Woot. Combined with the last one, I suddenly feel like I've overestimated the whole 'angry femiladyism' problem. In that maybe we don't need it so much. But wait! Neither of these bands are on the all-important Billboard top eight-hundred-and-seventy-three! For shame.

4. You Say Party! We Say Die! - lose all time - opportunity

Comments: So danceable. I just saw a dude dance in the studio. Your license to love this has just been renewed.

5. Shrimp Attack - shrimp attack - house of dead bodies

Comments: Music from a wonderful group of artists with developmental disabilities. It's honestly jaw-droppingly great. The bit about the disabilities is not a qualifier in any sense. It should just make you appreciate even more the effort that someone made to bring a group of people who might otherwise have been musically ignored together. Gloooooory glory halleluuuuuu... ahem. Pardon me.

6. Mary Timony Band - the shapes we make - killed by the telephone

Comments: She owes a debt to Courtney Love - but I kind of think we all do. Oh sure, she's betrayed the sisterhood by becoming a surgery-mangled strung out incoherent freak with designer shoes (gasp), but she did it her way, I guess. And she legitimately rocked it out. Not many of us can say that.
I like the funny little arpeggios in this, it's a bit funky but musically proficient also.

7. The Book of Lists - the book of lists - moon balloon

Comments: Awesome, in a subtly Jerry Lee Lewis way. The piano guy, not Jerry Lewis. Nobody in the band is chewing scenery. Featuring the lovely Laura Piasta on bass! See, sister-mine, you can be the bassist in an awesome band too, if you want.

8. Les Petits - the mighty antlers of song eps - best tasting wool in the whole world

Comments: As a knitter AND a vegetarian, I totally love this song. Not exactly sure why, but it moves me. And just enough sing-along potential to knock me on my butt with awesomeness.

9. Mob - polygon - memento

Comments: Because I've never seen the movie, but I want to. Also, a ladytrack! Which completes the novecta of ladysongs. You love it.

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Anonymous said...

I just started listening to you again. I first listened to your show in 1999, and I am amazed you are still on. Your show is the best show on CJSF, and I hope you are on for many years to come. Is your show the longest running show on CJSF? How about a 2 hour special?