Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So so northern

For whatever reason, I'm playing all Canadian songs this hour. It's probably because I'm so damn patriotic. Or something. Or I just flourish under restricitions! That's totally it. Check out the flourishing.

Track list:

1. Andy Palacio & The Garfiuna Collective - pioneer woman - farley mowat (remixed by calvin dick)

Comments: I've heard that Mr. Mowat is now living in a secluded sort of a spot, and is working on the title of "world's most pissed off man". This song makes him sound like Raffi. But whatever, he's earned a little respect. The respect of finely crafted tuneage!

2. The Carps - the young and passionate days of carpedia - compton to scarboro

Comments: I think he wants to fall in love. With you. Just try and resist. He's very sassy, and you know how you love sassy men. Don't try to fight the funk.

3. Peter Elkas - wall of fire - something beaming

Comments: Peter Elkas could romance a stone (HA) with these songs. Seriously, he's been giving me palpitations for far longer than is decent. I don't think I'm alone in this. He's sort of a white skinny alt-rock Al Green, if that's possible.

4. Wooden Stars - people are different - last secret infirmary

Comments: Fun - love the irregular chords and odd melodic line. Ha, somebody stupid might think I knew what I was talking about there, BUT I DON'T. It is the running theme of the show. Keep up! Anyway, this song rulezz. Seriously, I'm adding it to my list of love immediately.

5. Jump & Dash - jump & dash - i don't love you

Comments: Love it, despite the title. Or because of it! Apparently I'm drawn to dysfunctional relationships like that.

6.The Sheepdogs - trying to grow - it's alright

Comments: Delightfully optimistic and guitaresque.

7. Kittie - funeral for yesterday - everything that could have been

Comments: The all-girl metal band I seriously did not know was still around. Crazy hilarious. I'm have a wave of nostalgia that is totally inexplicable, as I couldn't figure out what to do with Kittie in 1999. And I still can't.

8. Joel Plaskett Emergency - ashtray rock - nothing more to say

Comments: The first line is an instant favourite. It's bleeped on the vinyl though. Weird, no? Sigh. Joel.

9. The Besnard Lakes - the besnard lakes are the dark horse - and you lied to me

Comments: I've played it before, and I'll play it again, bitches. It's good. It takes a while to get going, but it's good.

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