Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bitchin' consumption!

The coughing is a bit distracting, sorry. And for whatever reason I'm struggling for things to say. My major accomplishment for this week was developing an unnecessary Nathan Fillion awareness. That's not something I'm willing to advertise on the air. Nobody would get it.

Track list:

1. The Kent Boys - atticus finch - dust bowl

Comments: Pleasant country, perfect for sweating through your dinner jacket to.

2. Steve McKay - whistle ep - brake lights

Comments: also nice.

3. JP Hoe & The Truly Richards - the live beta project - always

Comments: hearteningly enthusiastic.

4. The Pointer Sisters - yes we can can (live)

Comments: the most motivational song of all time, woo!

5. The Slip - eisenhower - first panda in space

Comments: short and deliciously bizarre. Love it.

6. Chet - flight against darkness - by night into paradise

Comments: the more I hear this the more I love it. Chet, let's be friends, you're clearly much more awesome than me, but you might get off on having stupid friends, I don't know. I have to take what I can get. (but seriously, call me.)

7. Brown Recluse Sings - black sunday - mystifying oracle

Comments: a deep cut! oh, any song that starts with counting is automatically up ten points! Unless every band starts doing that and I get tired of it. But I don't see how that'll happen. this hypothetical universe you speak of sounds very bleak.

8. My Brightest Diamond - tear it down - the good and the bad guy (siamese sisters)

Comments: hello miserable piano, it's been all of five minutes since we last met, and man, have I missed you. I was starting to feel a bit uplifted there for a second, and it had me all disoriented. Really great though.

9. Kill the Lights - buffalo of love - orestes

Comments: hm, loud!


Brown Recluse said...

thanks for playing our song!
-herbie from BRS

Embot said...

hey, no, thank YOU for playing your song. you're way more proficient with the instruments than I am with the cd player.