Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Old lady beatdown

So close. If only the dude on the bus had just been a hair more confrontational. I really need to cross that off on my transit bingo card.

Track list:

1. Strategy - future rock - can't roll back

Comments: Far funkier than it has any right to be. But smooth, you know? So it funks you up before you have a chance to protest - before you even know what's happening to you. Brilliant, I say.

2. Chet - flight against darkness - because my name is lion

Comments: Well, lion, you maybe having a bad day, but you're doing it in a reliably melodic way. And yes, I am planning on gradually playing every song off of this album.

3. Dog Day - night group - career suicide

Comments: quick drums! misery! I can't NOT play a song called career suicide. I've played the band as well. It's like an Emily-magnet that cannot be overcome.

4. Immaculate Machine - immaculate machine's fables - northeastern wind

Comments: I think they name-dropped Regina! Love it.

5. Peter Elkas - wall of fire - sweet nancy

Comments: So ridiculously adorable. He is a seasoned professional, and it shows in the solid songwriting and pretty, pretty voice. And the beard, good choice too! Also, I saw him at The Commodore on Friday and it was very nice. His bassist looked like our news teacher at radio school. It was good all around.

6. Shelby Lamb - suburban cowboy - can of salty ham

Comments: Very soothing, for a chunk of dehydrating meat. Bleah. But the song is good!

7. Joel Plaskett - ashtray rock - soundtrack for the night

Comments: flat-out delicious. Someone I know owns this on vinyl, and as soon as I can borrow that I'm going to make a tape, or something else portable. Vinyl is pretty, but not too practical in the car. JOEL!

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