Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Dear Reader's Digest quotable quotes...

I found this one last night:

Marlon Brando says...
"I'm not fat by nature. I got fat mostly because I loved
brownies, ice cream and everything else that makes you fat.
One reason for this, I suspect, is that when I was a kid,
I'd come home to find my mother gone and dishes in the
sink. I'd feel low and open the icebox, and there would be
an apple pie, along with some cheese, and the pie would
say: 'C'mon, Marlon, take me out. I'm freezing in here. Be
a pal and take me out, and bring out Charlie Cheese too.'
Then I'd feel less lonely."

This one is from Canoe, this morning.

Shirley Manson says...
"[Butch Vig] is Mr. Consistent, he's always the same, neither up nor down; he's a real sweetheart. But the three of us are up and down like a bride's nightie."

Oh internets, I heart u.

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