Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Extreme ladydom

Argh, Casey from Ninja Turtles!
Okay, for the record, strippers.

Things that everybody knows:

- Strip bars are way less interesting in real life.

- Strip-choreography is not generally as creative or interesting as one would like.

- Strippers' bodies are largely plastic, surreal caricatures of womanhood. This makes the experience of seeing them naked equally plastic and surreal. Last week I was in a public washroom when a woman decided to pee with the door wide open, and it sent me running down the hallway of the professional building. Running. Whereas the strippers are just kind of there, you know?

- It's a living, even though most people's moms don't want them doing that.

- It is cruel to refer to an actor who is just doing his job as 'Casey from Ninja Turtles'.

- Stripping is probably forever, barring some nuclear incident, and even then you could take your clothes off for cash in a fall-out shelter, although what you would then spend the cash on I don't know. Maybe you could create some sort of ultra-primitive economy where everyone is simultaneously a stripper and a voyeur, and you all just run around in the shelter shoving money in each others' underwear.

- Don McKellar and Sarah Polley directed by Atom Egoyan in CANADIAN FILM ABOUT LIFE COMPLICATED.

Look into his big pretty eyes, he is having feeelings.


lunchbucket said...

I can't find any bad reviews. It's supposed to be good.

If you're posting it, does that mean that you enjoyed it?

Embot said...

I am serious man, I loved that movie. When I was in high school and it was on one of the high-up channels.