Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bread Thursdays are All for Loooooove

It is totally Bread Thursday. Does that need any explaining? NO.

These are rolls made with sourdough starter, which makes the dough nice and moist. Make a snake, tie a knot, tuck one end into the middle of the bread and the other end underneath. It is easy.

In fact, everything about making bread is shamefully easy, especially when you factor in that bourgeois classic wedding present, the Kitchenaid Mixer (insert angel choirs here). I am 4 serious Holmes, do not buy bread unless you are currently working three jobs and are just too busy. Or maybe you have a nice relative who makes all of the bread, I don't know. At least, do not buy it from the grocery store, that stuff is like, pudding with crumbs? And petrochemicals probably? Who knows.

These buns also have oregano in them, so your sandwich is extra faboo automatically. Here, I will take you INSIDE THE BREAD:


What you do then is just stow it in those big freezer baggies, and remove from freezer as necessary for mid-afternoon carb-gorging. Preferably while watching 80s classics! OH LLOYD.

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lunchbucket said...

OH MAN. My bread day is Thursday, too. I only left it to rise for a couple hours, though. It was super dense.

This week, we're going to let it rise over night. And we're going to smoke a roast in the bbq.

oh, food.