Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Questions for a hypothetical conversation with Steve Coogan

This is the face he would make during the interview.

  1. Having built up and torn down many characters, some of them over the course of decades, do you ever find yourself slipping into them accidentally, in your mind?
  2. Do you think of yourself as a character, noticing your own traits and the way that you speak and walk and dress and so forth? Does thinking about how to be different characters make you more self-conscious? Is this how you ended up playing versions of yourself professionally?
  3. Do you prefer playing characters you've created, or is it more relaxed to let someone else write you a part which you can then leave behind when the project's over, eg Roderick the water rat? (Could you ever accidentally slip into Roderick?)
  4. Are there aspects of your characters that are aspirational? Do you wish you knew as much about wasps as Tommy Saxondale, for example? Do you wish you were as emotionally resilient as Alan? (Or maybe you do have these things? Would you be able to help me with the raccoons in my shed?)
  5. Do you ever wish people would stop laughing and just take you seriously for once?

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