Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bo Didley Squat

Track List:

1. The Reatards - Not Fucked Enough - Pretty Baby

Comments: I like this, but I can't understand the lyrics at all. We were hoping to be offended, but I guess that's not going to happen. Oh wait, he's leaving her... he has to move on. I see the light! Anyway, it's deliciously low-fi. As in really bad. Jonelle says it sounds like he's getting run over by a car.

2. Didley Squat - burning alive making a living - my better half

Comments: My first thoughts: what the bloody ass is this? Jonelle likes it though. I don't think it's road trip listenable. Obviously they're very serious about their art, and you have to respect that. Or else.

3. Modernettes - get it straight - barbra

Comments: I really like this, even if they did misspell barbra. In fact, this goes straight into the track list for the end of year best-of show. No wait, they spelled it right! We love you so much, Modernettes.

4. Funkservice International - a post modern life - life is good

Comments: Ooh, this would be great if I owned more turtlenecks and was lighter on my feet. Since I'm a lumbering jackass, it's not something I'll be listening to at home. I do like it though, in a voyeuristic kind of way.

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