Tuesday, December 20, 2005

five more sleeps

Track list:

1. Innerstance Beatbox - your eyes are like ufos my darling - theme from the bastard squad

Comments: woop, six minutes long.

2. Modernettes - get it straight - barbra

3. Pretty train crash - pretty train crash - taste you

4. Secret Mommy - very rec - ice rink

Comments: this is completely odd. But it has a beat, and I can dance to it! Then again, let's face it... I can dance to anything. But anyway, yes, this is so cool. It must have taken ages to do, and it's actually

5. Virgin Prunes - Pagan Lovesong - DJ Morpheus I can't live without my radio

Comments: who cares, I'm only playing this to mock DJ Morpheus for his matrix-inspired name. But we have been told that this album is totally awesome by our music director, so you know, maybe it's good. But we'll never know. It's the morpheus factor.

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