Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Secret dirty lyrics

They're not always obvious. So much fast singing these days. Probably nobody notices but me, armed with my lyric sheets and my filthy mind.

Track list:

1. The Organ - thieves - fire in the ocean

Comments: This is an existing favourite. It's great! But I think I would like to reassure you; you do not need to throw yourself into the ocean to feel a comforting all-over embrace. It's dangerous and cold. And eiderdowns are so affordable these days. Especially if you go synthetic.

2. Paper Moon - one thousand reasons to stay, one reason to leave - the history of punctuation

Comments: Dance dance dance to the history of Canadian pop music! I'm delving into the library today.

3. Corb Lund Band - unforgiving mistress - mora (blackberry)

Comments: Corb goes latino! This is a bit cheeky and also hip-swagglin'.

4. jale - various: never mind the molluscs ep - lung

Comments: Delicious east-coast grunge.

5. Emilie Muscle - laches louuses ii - manger la tete

Comments: Slow fast slow fast awesome.

6. Weasel Faced Judge - hear & now '92 - bacon and egg bicycle

Comments: Craziness. A sausage built for two! Glad to know someone else has embraced weird for the sake of weird.

7. Donner Party Reunion - "it's been about five years, hasn't it?" - days of degradation

Comments: Punktacular, and from the past. It has been about fifteen years I think, actually.

8. Search Parties - an hour like this - wonderful disease

Comments: I love how this song is like eight songs all smashed together. Sort of symphonic, in that sense.

9. Wintermitts - heirloom - mer de l'atlantique

Comments: Sort of sad and dance-y at the same time. And tinkly at the end.

10. Jenny Omnichord - charlotte or otis - I sneeze in threes (with Andy Swan)

Comments: So adorable. I have this at home and it just makes me grin horribly. I miss being five. Except the time I was punished for smacking a kid with a rubber porkchop in kindergarten, that sucked. I had to sit on the orange chair! Ick.

11. B.A. Johnston - stairway to hamilton - tetris junkie


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