Tuesday, December 09, 2008

moi je n'aime pas!

Oh Quebec metal, why has it take me this long to love you?

Track list:

1. Monon'c Serge & Anonymus - Various: Quebec Emergent - sebastien benoit

Comments: AMAZING. The combination of heavy metal styles and cheeky french lyrics has blown my mind.

2. Rich Aucoin - personal publication - 10,342 cuts for the us (an exploding)

Comments: Dancy, and perfect for watching with clips of old cartoons. This is not a coincidence.

3. Jenny Omnichord - charlotte or otis - the old prince

Comments: Jenny Omnichord and Shad!!! Oh-mazing.

4. Great Lake Swimmers - various: weewerk is 6 - song for the angels (miracle version)

Comments: So soothing and nice, I accidentally played the first part twice, due to smacking the cd player prematurely, argh. Still, I have no real regrets. The song prevents me from feeling anything except whistful.

5. Change of Heart - steelteeth - orange

Comments: Some soothing 90s Canadian rock, for me and my tortured, uh, arms. I gave blood yesterday, and it did not go well. This is my reward.

6. Fatal if Swallowed - thank you, goodnight! - beer for my dear

Comments: The sentiment behind the song was so heartwarming, how could I not play it? I can totally be won over with beer! I could cry right now.

7. Wintermitts - heirloom - schoolyard

Comments: Simultaneously pretty and rockin'. Not easy to do!

8. Castanets - city of refuge - refuge 1

Comments: To fuel your misery. Hey, this is college radio, it's my job.

9. Kellarissa - flamingo - tiny things

Comments: Remember when Larissa was in Choir Practice and I was very appreciative? Well, say hooray if you like continuity, because I like this too. Nice sort of 60s keyboard sounds, with kind of futuristic undertones. But then, to me, the 60s were all about futuristic undertones, so maybe it's all tied together.

10. Call the City - ep - svetlana says

Comments: I love this song because it is so sassy. I never get tired of sass.

11. Grandfather Fire & the Holy Mourning - various: nothing on but your radio - live sessions from cjsw 90.9 - my allergy to the fans

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