Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thoughtful piano, thoughtfully

If only I hadn't given up lessons (I might have been even more warped and frustrated).

Track list:

1. Valery Gore - avalanche to wandering bear - shoes of glass

Comments: Plink plink plink! Lovely.

2. Winter Gloves - about the girl - party people

Comments: Woo hoo hoo! Michael Jackson-style. I am dancing, as usual. Ooh, I love the talking bit, always a winner.

3. Stacy Lloyd Brown - automatic ep - the motherload

Comments: Squidge squodge music! This is how I am most comfortable describing slightly electronic music. Through onomatopoeia! It works for me. This is sort of a soothing ocean of synthesizer punctuated by squidge squodge and bloop bloop. I feel like a chidren's tv presenter right now.

4. DD/MM/YYYY - 777 - super vgf

Comments: More boops and bloops, very catchy and delightful.

5. The Judes - sunflower - plastic surgery

Comments: He only wants to love you, and your fake boobs. Delightfully retro-garage.

6. Young Rival - young rival - poisonous moves

Comments: It's an awesome retro-garage double shot!

7. Elliott Brood - mountain meadows - fingers and tongues

Comments: This sounds very beautiful and old, but modern. Kind of classic western film, but with today's angst.

8. Spiral Beach - bonus! - kind of beast

Comments: A danceable choral rock song with sort of... a space truckin' feel? I think it's possible.

9. Sex with Strangers - the modern seduction - downtown fever

Comments: And the dancing just keeps on, um, happening. I am picturing people bouncing in their cars, you know, if people listened to me in their cars. I don't think the transmission tends to be strong enough, but I have trouble letting go of the vision.

10. The Human Statues - the human statues - the man on the radio

Comments: As a lady on the radio, I'm not thrilled to be excluded, but whatever.

11. Modernboys Moderngirls - I might as well break it- my baby says boy etc.

Comments: So good! Too short!

12: Sean Cullen - i am a human man - addicted to the disco

Comments: Oh dear Sean.

13: Search Parties - an hour like this - an hour like this

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