Tuesday, November 25, 2008

North end strangled!

I submit!

Track list:

1. The Stolen Minks - high kicks - north end strangler

Comments: Frig you're awesome, minks.

2. The Great Outdoors - summer - last day of our vacation

Comments: To help you recover from being brutalized by the minks! But really, this speaks to me of my current situation, strapped into five months of frost and drizzle. It's both sympathetic and comforting.

3. Woodland Telegraph - sings revival hymns - how I get buried

Comments: More gentle misery. It's in the title though, isn't it. Yes, yes it is. But it's sweetly demoralizing.

4. 1977 - 1977 - get the feeling

Comments: Pretty! It's a generic comment, but true. I feel this in my pretty-bone. It's a small bone, but very sensitive. Uh, yes. That sounded not great. But this, this IS great. Yes it is.

5. Dylan Thomas & The Vancouver Vipers - fortune teller miracle fish - seasick ocean queen

Comments: Charming and lovely and man, I'll play it again. Oh my, Josephine. Instant winner lyrics, Mr. Thomas!

6. Josh Reichmann Oracle Band - life is legal ep - plant words

Comments: Funky! Bwow chika deowwwww... he's Canadian too. That combination doesn't necessarily come without significant practice and effort. Kudos, Mr. Reichmann, kudos.

7. Modernboys Moderngirls - I might as well break it - where's your boyfriend

Comments: Sassy and very rock n' roll. It's more authentic with the apostrophe. Well, where is this alleged boyfriend? He sounds awesome.

8. Afternoons in Stereo - Everybody dance now: songs from Hamilton 3 - party at dick and mimi's

Comments: Is there anything to say except, that is one wicked funky party to which I have probably not been invited? This music would have been at home on the turntable at Eddie Murphy's house in Trading Places, until he kicked everybody out. Yeah. YEAH!

9. Pants and Tie - washing machine/you rub me the wrong way ep - washing machine

Comments: Maybe this guy doesn't do laundry. Seriously man, laundry is not as awesome as you make it sound. Not even close.

(EDIT: LOVE it.)

10. The Organ - thieves - don't be angry

Comments: And a sharp left at the relationship anguish ballad! Lovely guitar strumming, and singing that reminds me of swans. The Organ are beloved by music critics, however, so I'm sure it's nothing they haven't heard before.

11. Tullio De Piscopo - disco italia - e fatto e sorde! e? (money money)

Comments: Oh you know I can't resist. When they finally hide this album from me in the stacks, I will publicly weep, and possibly mount a protest. In the meantime, dance like there's no tomorrow, kids.

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