Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Steve-a Peron

If you use that as your new band name, remember who to credit (and where to send your first ten bucks, or some flowers or something).

Track list:

1. I ate your legs - I ate your legs - certain breeds

Comments: At first I thought it would be all backwards (nee-oooop, nee-ooooooop), but then it resolved itself into a nice, grungy, nihilistic instrumental number. You will dance the tarantella into your own grave, listener!

2. Ertha Kitt - where is my man (single) - where is my man

Comments: Ertha credits a "B. Vilanch" on this song. Seriously? I would not be surprised if it were THE Bruce "Sally Jesse eyewear" Vilanch. Grrrr.

3. The Good News - the good news - oh na na

Comments: Hop hop dance dance weep weep! This song has everything I like, including a chorus of sweet male voices, and a jumpy and defiant chorus. And fake-rap! Oh em gee, you guys.

4. Fur Bearing Animals - fur bearing animals - space shuttle worn machine

Comments: This band is about to disco your ass into next week. And: GO! But also incongruous fiddle. And robot voices! I am about to turn into the bike courier from Spaced, right about now.

5. Matthew Ryan Woods - edgewise - the arrival

Comments: Fulfilling my self-imposed country quota. Very slick.

6. Said the Whale - howe sounds - my government heart

Comments: For a Canadian band to talk about being a government agent and how that's somehow cool... well anyway, this song is awesome. I guess the secret agents here have time for saucy love affairs, at any rate.

7. The Sheepdogs - big stand - garbagemen

Comments: Appropriately gritty! I like the repeated guitar phrase, it's a total singalong guitar part.

8. Tusks - tusks - baby noise

Comments: This is a convertible-with-the-top-down type song. About babies! As a lady with variable hormone levels, I predict this song will reach maximum effectiveness in approximately three weeks.

9. Poorfolk - our burning street - dead pan dance

Comments: More sort of misery dance music. Well, I like it, what can I say. It has that quick-quick-slow thing going on too. As a lady of a certain age (still with variable hormone levels, let's not forget), I appreciate a break now and then, even in the midst of the rocking. Not too much of a break, small is okay. Wouldn't want to start going all Enya or anything.

10. Red Dragon Band - let me be your radio

Comments: OH MAN, I love this so much.

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