Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Critically Ashamed

1. You Say Party, We Say Die - hit the floor - cold hands! hot bodies!

Comments: um, chanting. And man is this short. Their CD release party is happening Sept. 10th at Pat's Pub, 9pm. Alternately, on Sept. 11th at Mesa Luna at 7:30pm, granny.

2. Orange - welcome to the world of Orange - ghetto-blasta

Comments: I like this, and so does Jonelle. She says "sounds like Green Day... and I like Green Day." This is my pick. They just wanna scream and let it all out. Well who doesn't.

3. Escape Goats - Critically Ashamed - Hit me gently, in the head

Comments: This is a slo-mo ballad. Or, Jonelle says, a coma-ballad. Whatever, I love it because it's so appropriate, not to mention 5 minutes long. It also has some swearing in it, which is surprising, because this guy sounds so mild-mannered. Jonelle compares it to Marcy Playground, and she has kind of a snarky tone, so that can't be good. I kinda like it though - "who let the dogs out, I need the dogs in, how could you do this to me, someone chain them up again." Lyrical gold. Also, there are four stars in quotation marks on the album cover, which is nicely self-aggrandizing.

4. Neon Blonde - Neon Blonde - Headlines

Comments: We like the beat. This is kinda cool - like disjointed techno with an angry girl providing the vocals.

Topics discussed today:
Reality TV, judges, Bob Barker, Jonelle smokes badly, I ride my bike into a garage door and get clubbed in the head, I watch Malibu's Most Wanted; sadly, Jonelle's already seen that one. We're both lesser human beings for it.

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