Tuesday, September 13, 2005

pop violence

The Tracks:

1. Vailhalen - pop violence - We Fill the Cracks

comments: Like the bells. Other than that, meh. It's not 'tweaking Jonelle's nipples'. At least it's short.

2. The Belushis - Rich in Broken Glass - Ether Bunny

comments: Jonelle likes it two minutes in when the guy drunkenly scowls 'yeah!'. I'd have to agree. It's a bit sex pistols, which hey, it's been done, by, um, the sex pistols. But they've broken up, and that one guy is dead, so who's gonna complain. There's also a discussion here about what kind of ether they're talking about - we're going to have to agree to disagree.

3. Sunset Rubdown - Snake's got a leg - I'll believe in anything, you'll believe in anything

comments: It's like painful techno. Does it have a beat? Who knows. Wow, this man is wailing girlishly. I like it because it's awful. Jonelle just thinks it's awful. Next!

4. The Spicoli's - blood sweat and beers - blood sweat and beers

comments: Wow, spandex rock. Aside from the bad grammar... these guys suck. Just for the record, they're like an old, low budget Blink-182. I'm not a fan of Blink-182. Hey, have you seen the new Backstreet Boys video? This is the song that should go with that video.

5. Mon Electric Bijou - Bullets in the Penguin - Raging Queen

comments: Can you feel the rage? Neither can I. This is one sad bastardesque queen. Jonelle's not watching me so I'm going to say that I already love this track. In fact, if you're a fan of the misery rock with the sad, sad, badly-singing men, give this sucker a try. Could be a good wedding song if you're trying to get everyone to go home early.

Today's topics:
Emily crashes her bike again, pill swallowing for fun and profit, some community announcements, problems with communication, sleeping in cars, the Backstreet Boys, addicted to bad television.

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