Tuesday, September 20, 2005

the snug jockeys

The Tracks:

1. Veronica Lipgloss & the Evil Eyes - bleed to the beat - The Witch's Dagger

Comments: um, yeah. Jonelle's ears are bleeding, does that count? She hates this band so much, she's covered their album with little hearts. Man, this sux, capital 'x'. My pick is coming up next though, so I'm trying to console myself with that.

2. The Magic Numbers - long legs - The Magic Numbers

Comments: This band is deliciously chubby. Jonelle feels uncomfortable with that comment - she's not saying anything, but I can tell by the squirming in the seat. I love this band - their music, their outfits, their long flowing hair. They consist of two brother and sister teams - wicked. They're like the white stripes times two, only happy and with more tambourine.

3. John Wilkes Booze - gonna die tonight - telescopic eyes glance the future sick

Comments: And... it's over.

4. Gravy Train - pussy sauce - Are you wigglin?

Comments: Aint nobody doesn't like this band. They're really dirty though. We were going to play 'hump lites', but due to an unscheduled itchy trigger finger, we're playing this one instead. So now guess who's going to have to announce the title of the track on the air. That's right, it's Jonelle. Because I am a prude.

5. The Sub Humans - life sure can suck - demo/ep

Comments: Grr. I love these three chord wonders. We'll see you next week peoples.

Topics covered: Growing Up Gotti - the chinchilla coat episode. Embarrassing events of the past week. The perils of reading - don't even ask. We've seen some weird movies this week. Listening to people doin' it in the apartment next door - it's a sport, like fishing. Our new band name: the snug jockeys. And we will dress as jockeys. Brilliant!

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