Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Jonelle the Popmaster

Playlist fer today:

1. Nob Dylan and the Nobsoletes - Positively 12 Stiff Dylans - Tombstone Blues

Comments: dylan covers done loud and low-fi. I actually wrote 'low-fu' there at first, which is my new martial art. The art of low-fu. Jonelle likes this, and so do I. We might revisit this again later. It's just that good.

2. Corduroy Kid - The Sleep Project - Time Lost (we think)

Comments: Jabba the Hutt's digestive system records an album. And here we are in his clicky bowel!

3. Prince Paul - Instrumental - My Friend the Popmaster

Comments: Wow, the swearing! I thought this was instrumental! Anyway, I kind of love it. Jonelle is the popmaster. There's some culturally insensitive stuff in here. Mockery of the Italian people. But it's frickin' funny. Oh crap, stop swearing.

4. Snatches of Pink - Stag - Tooth

Comments: STP with more leather vests. Hmm. I'm not a fan. I'd recommend not buying this album. What do you think Jonelle? She's thinking the same thing. It's like we're musical twins.

Topics covered: Thanksgiving is lonely for vegetarians. And Jonelle doesn't even like squash! Television that sucks your life away: I watched a live police chase today. And sometimes I watch Entertainment Tonight. They have alot in common. We do some community announcements. We talk about the part of 'Reality Bites' where Janeane Garrrroflolo says 'pflag'. It's the only part of the movie I like.

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