Tuesday, October 11, 2005

We're the cream.


1. Harvey Danger - little by little... - Cream and Bastards Rise

Comments: I like it quite alot. I'd like to add my own 'doo-wop' lines to it. Jonelle likes it too.

2. Rasputina - a radical recital - Rats

Comments: It's live, which I always enjoy. There's a Zeppelin cover and a Heart cover on this album, which is awesome. I like it. Girls with cellos.

Update - Sunday, October 16th: Since playing this song, I've heard through the grapevine that I'm a loser because I like Rasputina. I think that's a bit harsh. At SWB, we don't judge, we just play at random and hope for the best. Can you blame us for trying to derive enjoyment out of the result, whatever it is? Besides, I always think that if you're devoting energy to cutting people down because of their poor musical taste (as in "aw man, the Eagles? Please be kidding."), you're clearly bitter because you wish you were a star, or possibly a rock journalist. I know, because I'm the same way. I'm just saying, please, try to restrain yourselves. And by all means, if you have better ideas, pass them along. We'll probably ignore them because we're radio snobs and we're lazy, but you might as well try.
I'm the devil.

3. Dirty Tricks - demerits - vaccination

Comments: This song hurts me a bit. It's like strong burning coffee that gives me an ulcer. I'm not in love with it, in other words.

Topics covered: Amateur surgery - did you know that alcohol thins the blood? It's true!
Planned halloween costumes include Antonio and Melanie. I'm getting the flu shot, and Jonelle isn't. When I get hit by a bus, it'll all come out even.

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