Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thoughts on this Tuesday, feels like Monday.

Things I'd like to cover tonight.

Comment spam on this blog! Should I be flattered? No. I shouldn't. But I might be anyway.

Job hunting. It is perhaps the most tiresome, depressing, stupid and debasing thing I have ever been involved in. "Oh, but I can type! Please let me scrape gum off the underside of your desk, lady-in-a-suit!" On the upside, a cunning plan may allow me to work half as much for the same pay as I'm currently getting. It's called temp work, and I find it extremely seductive.

Pink things raising money for breast cancer awareness, and why we're all whores for buying them. No! I will not wear another ribbon! No, dammit! And it's not just the ribbon. It's everywhere. I object. I smell a marketing ploy, and it's not exactly sea-breeze fresh.

I'm probably about to do something very embarrassing on my way out the door on my bike, so maybe we'll talk about that too. It never gets old.

And then, obviously, Jonelle will have her usual bevvy of bizarre trivia to bring up. See you at seven!

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