Tuesday, July 08, 2008

husband soup

New band name: husband soup. Right? It's my favourite thing. Not that I'm into cannibalism, I just like it when he cooks. So I figure the idea would appeal to people, therefore tricking them into buying the album. Or into making soup for their spouse. Win-win, yes?

Track list:

1. Statues - terminal bedroom - lifting fingers

Comments: DANCE DANCE DANCE! WOOO! It's been a long day. This is eminently jiveable. Thanks ever so, statues.

2. The Jealous Girlfriends - the jealous girlfriends - machines

Comments: The guitar in this, it's gorgeous. It has a lovely grinding industrial feel, by which I do not mean to imply that it's metal. It's just beautiful and very joyously electric. Ladies, you know what you're doing.

3. Videotape - my favourite thing - dancing on the sound

Comments: A journey, a gradual journey through a varying soundscape, toward dancing, dancing daaaaaancing! Love that.

4. Japandroids - lullaby death jams - darkness on the edge of gastown

Comments: Heyyyyy, your future is bleak! Dark and all, but also kind of amusing. The juxtaposition of the "heyyyyy!" and "you will never amount to anything" kind of phrases is interesting. Like if the Fonz were an embittered guidance counsellor.
Sorry, got a bit sidetracked there. This is a heady, emotional song with awesome local implications. I will say that actually, all of Gastown is looking a bit sad these days.

5. Cinderpop - a lesson in science - boomerang

Comments: Pleasantly fluffy, with organ... or keyboard? I'm no professional when it comes to these things. Oh, it says keyboard in the liner notes. I like the irregular drum beat, a bit like my heart after a tennis match. Ah youth. How I miss it.

6. Jellyfiche - tout ce que j'ai reve - source infinie

Comments: I will play you, Quebec artists, I don't care who you are or what you did as long as where you're from is the french part of eastern Canada. Grrr.
This is dark and brooding, and then soaring and optimistic! Just like all of my favourite David Bowie songs. WIN! WIN! WIN! The bassist is having a hell of a good time, also.

7. Horses - horses - gasoline

Comments: Let me just say that I have now played 'the catwalk' a few times, but this is my first experience with 'gasoline,' and I am not disappointed. This is just plain awesome. I'm doing the head-bop dance, and I don't care who sees.

8. Mattress - heavy duty - pollution

Comments: Just as I feared, there ain't no solution to the pollution. We're all gonna die, so, as my husband so charmingly put it last night, why don't we just go live in a box and do heroin. No reason to guard ourselves when death is so inevitable. And now he's making soup! His optimism always comes back to haunt him like that.
This is kind of bitchin' mournful electronica. Buck the system, yes!

9. The City Streets - concentrated living - mastodon

Comments: The packaging of this CD makes it all seem much more bleak than it actually is. The city streets may feel a bit discouraged, but their instruments don't know it. Sort of a 'jump around and cry' number. I approve.

10. Bil Hetherington and the Asian Tigers - bh and the at - leaders in the know

Comments: Pretty. I want to write all about it, but I'm being ejected from the studio. Well, I can't live here or anything, that wouldn't do. But really, this is lovely.

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