Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look away

Hey you! This is a private blog! Nothing to see here. Except, of course, for a fine selection of songs from some lovely Canadian types.

Track list:

1. Tagaq - auk/blood - hunger

Comments: Occasionally I like to break away from the usual and play something a bit artsy and experimental. This would be one of those times. Reveen only wishes he could relax you like this does. Also, Tagaq's voice is much prettier than Reveen's... and her backing musicians are more talented too. There's no comparison here, really.

2. The Ferris Wheel - the ferris wheel - i hear skeletons

Comments: Mr. Bones feels rattlin', ha ha, that's a good one. Doot doot doot - this CD proclaims that it was "recorded at Sean's," which just impresses the hell out of me. I realize everyone's doing it now, but man, so many people are just doing it wrong, you know?

3. Pete Samples - the jumper cables - bobby raindrop

Comments: I personally think it's the new "we are the world" - it's that sing-along chorus, whoa-oah, whoa-oah, it gets me every time! This is frankly quite gorgeous. And apparently his mom created his album art! I love that. My mum has an embroidery setting on her sewing machine too. She doesn't usually include velcro though. Kudos, Momma Samples.

4. Ghost Keeper - and the children of the great northern muskeg - cruisin the chev

Comments: Look out ladies and gentlemen, ghost keeper is out on the town, and I believe every single member is wearing leather pants and swaggling their hips suggestively. It is highly rock n' roll of them.

5. 4d - l'equanimite - les morts-vivants sifflent

Comments: The zombies are whistling?! Awesome. Is it like, some sort of all-zombie version of West Side Story? OH NO WAIT ACTUALLY - would it not be AMAZING if somebody made West Side Story as the tale of star-crossed lovers, one zombie and the other non-zombie? I vote for lady-zombie, and uninfected dude. I see... Kristin Chenoweth, maybe?

6. The Coast - expatriate - killing off our friends

Comments: Metaphorically I've been doing alot of this lately. You know how it is, you move to the suburbs and suddenly it gets so hard to bother to hang out with anybody. Not that I was doing tons of it before. It's just now it's pretty much absolute.
This song makes it sound kind of glamorous and fun. Thanks, coast!

7. Hills Like White Elephants - himalaya - gulls

Comments: They're building up to something here, I can tell. Sort of sounds like they're setting up a massive party in an airport hangar, but they're not letting any of the plebes in yet because the 40-ft amps are still being rolled into place.

8. Hilotrons - hoppymatic - lovesuit

Comments: David Byrne is going to call you up and ask when you snuck into his apartment and rifled through his funky loop drawer, hilotrons. And you should answer, "ha, two can play the funky loop game, Byrne; also, let's hang out and be awesome together, okay? Thursday at six good for you?" I am just making suggestions here.

9. Language-Arts - language-arts - either way

Comments: Funky, funky funky. And they're going to be playing right by my house, and the Beanstalk festival in Port Coquitlam! I love it.

10. Young & Sexy - the arc - the fog

Comments: A little weather-appropriate music for you. Next week I'm going to the lake, and on my first day there it will be thirty degrees and sunny, aka bathing suit weather. DAMN.

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