Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ship fitter?

Good evening, my sweet. May I rub your back? Would you like some toast and jam? How about a restraining order?

Mmm hmmm.

Tonight we have a whole heck of a bunch of Canadian alt-rock, and one old dude making fun of lounge singers. See if you can tell them apart! I bet it will be hard. Everyone's so damned "ironic" these days.

Listen to this show!
Part 1 Part 2

Track list:

1. Tagaq - auk/blood - fire ~ ikuma

2. Guy Marks - loving you has made me bananas (HINT! HINT!)

3. Women - women - shaking hand

4. Hills Like White Elephants - himalaya - a sword in the circle

5. Cinderpop - a lesson in science - boomerang

6. The Jolts - haute voltage - black snake

7. Ghost Bees - tasseomancy - erl king

8. Mattress - heavy duty - don't forget

9. Ryan Driver - feeler of pure joy - why the road?

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