Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Radio Dinners - now more satisfyingly 2008

This evening's Singing with Barbra radio show is dedicated to the people over here! the people over here! the people over here!

I have been listening to old school rap lately, can you tell? Rip rop rippity roo. I think my skills are improving.

Anyway, I recently borrowed a few of my father-in-law's old timey records (old timey for me being the 70's, obviously). Now I am digitizing them and turning them over to you, the greedy public. In this show we have an inspirational number from National Lampoon, featuring a young and be-babyfaced Christopher Guest. Interspersed with mostly Canadian indie rock and such. This radio show has no attention span, friends.

Track list:

1. Kick in the eye - sea of bitterness - anytime

2. National Lampoon - radio dinner - deteriorata

3. Simply Saucer - half human, half live - clearly invisible

4. Grand Theft Bus - made upwards - roses

5. Alena Manera - alena manera ep - let her go

6. July 4th Toilet - presents balls bougie - name on door

7. The Tetraktys - die brucke (in which the yo-yo string is reavealed as a state of mind) - mellower in canada

8. The Plastic Constellations - we appreciate you - so many friends

9. The Ferris Wheel - ep - stay with me

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