Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh, are we on fire or what.

This week I spent a hell of a long time debating the merits of Bigfoot, and basically asking whether life would be more interesting and/or worthwhile if he were around more, you know, to give us advice and such. I say bring him to dinner and let's find out. Unfortunately the establishment keeps faking us out with rubber suits and pig intestines. It is a crime. All I want to do is sit awhile and eat pie with the sasquatch! See what kind of crazy ideas he might have cooked up in the mountains up there! I promise I will not tell him about cars or spaceships or anything. Yeesh, it's like the government doesn't trust us or something.

Track list:

1. Fur Bearing Animals - fur bearing animals - someway

2. Ruby Coast - nopq uvwx - brittle bones

3. Jellyfiche - tout ce que j'ai reve - les arbres

4. Young & Sexy - the arc - up in the rafters

5. Ghostkeeper - ghostkeeper and the children of the great northern muskeg - solid gold

6. Sebastian Grainger - american names - map of the world

7. Sean Savage - summer 5000 - I've got the worm

8. Belleisle - longstanding - old noise

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